Investigators: Man charged in missing teen case in the process of being extradited back to


COMAL COUNTY -- 29 year old Christopher Fretwell is currently in jail in San Diego, California.

Fretwell is being charged with unlawful restraint, but Captain Tommy Ward with the Comal County Sheriff's Office says the investigation remains on-going.

On Wednesday, Fretwell waived his right to extradition, and at this time Comal County is in the process of making arrangements to transport

Fretwell back to Texas.

Fretwell's arrest stems from the case of 16 year old Gabriella Pagliarulo, the daughter of local radio talk show host Joe "Pags" Pagliarulo who went missing last Wednesday from Spring Branch.

Ward tells News 4 San Antonio, Pagliarulo and Fretwell were found in Tijuana, Mexico, by Mexican Police late Friday night after an alert was issued.

It was then, Ward went on to say, Mexican authorities stopped the car, escorted the two to the San Diego Border, and Border Patrol Agents arrested Fretwell late Friday night.

Ward says Pagliarulo and Fretwell were not in Mexico for very long.

"All I would ask is that you continue with the prayers, because it's gonna take a while, and we're gonna need all the help we can get," said Pagliarulo, as he addressed his audience Tuesday night during his nationally syndicated radio talk show.

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