'I'm innocent,' says Frances Hall as her attorney fights to reverse her conviction

Frances Hall fights to clear her name

GATESVILLE -- Frances Hall has been behind bars in a Gatesville prison for almost two years.

"I'm a lot better, a lot better than when I first got here," said Hall. Hall was found guilty on murder and aggravated assault charges in September 2016.

She was convicted of chasing the woman her husband of 32 years was having an affair with and ramming the Range Rover the mistress was driving.

"Now did I want to confront her? Yes, but did I actually hit her, tap her? Nothing," Hall added.

Hall went on to say the woman she'd just found out about 28 days prior to the crash sent her thousands of text message, pictures, and videos. Hall's husband, Bill Hall Jr. was on his motorcycle, when the three were driving down Loop 1604 South in October 2013. Investigators say Hall hit her husband's bike and didn't stop for help.

"I didn't hurt Bill, I loved this man heart and soul, and I still do," she said.

Even though Hall will soon be a free woman, she's fighting to clear her name.

"There's things that I've just found out while I've been sitting here, that has been gut wrenching, " she said.

Hall's attorney Adam C. Cortez filed an application for a Writ of Habeas Corpus in February seeking relief from final felony conviction under code of criminal procedure, Article 11.07.

The court documents say Hall's defense team failed to call an emergency room doctor as a witness who could have challenged the medical examiner's testimony. Documents also allege Bill Hall's cause of death was respiratory and not the result of any hemorrhagic cause. Bill, the document reads, was airlifted from the scene without first having chest tubes inserted to help drain air, blood, and around the lungs.

"He had COPD, they didn't even realize this, " said Hall.

The documents also allege there was already visible damage to the back of the Range Rover the other woman was driving.

"I feel even up to now that I was wrongfully convicted. I just want to be with my family, I want to start a new life, I want to be happy," said Hall.

Hall will be released from prison on Sept. 7. Cortez says District Judge Jefferson Moore of the 186th District Court is currently reviewing Hall's conviction. His ruling will then be sent to the Court of Criminal Appeals.

In a response to the court, a trial attorney who represented Hall, Jean Brown, said counsel prepared for three years for Frances Hall's defense and had a firm understanding of the facts in the case. The written response goes on to say that counsel's performance was not deficient.

Read Cortez's filing:

Read Brown's response:

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