Precipitation is gone, but icy roadways could still be present

Roads closed due to ice (SBG San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO -- Freezing rain started falling in San Antonio just before 5 a.m. Tuesday morning. Sleet then followed and reports of snow started coming in Tuesday afternoon.

It all adds up to icy conditions on roadways and highways throughout the San Antonio and much of Hill Country. Scroll down to see links to weather, traffic, power updates, as well as school and business closures.

CLICK HERE for emergency street closures.



4:30 p.m.: SAPD - Here are the latest road closures as of 4:30 pm:

  • NB 37 North of IH 10
  • WB IH 10 / Dominion
  • SE Loop 410/IH 35
  • IH 35 NB/AT&T
  • 410 EB ramp / IH 37
  • WB Loop 410/S Zarzamora
  • IH 10 EB / E and W flyovers on NW Loop 410
  • SB 37 / EB 410 off ramp
  • EB 1604/Babcock
  • EB Loop 410/Vance Jackson
  • NB 35/Walzem
  • Loop 1604/US HWY 281 all flyovers
  • Loop 1604 /Guilbeau
  • Loop 1604 / Bandera to Kyle Seale

3:21 p.m.: SAPD - Road Closures -

  • IH 10 EB to IH 410 (both directions)
  • IH 10 WB to IH 410 (both directions)
  • IH 410 EB to IH 10 EB and IH 10 WB
  • SH 16 NB entrance ramp to 410 WB
  • IH 37 NB and SB at IH 10
  • LP 1604 WB at IH 35
  • US 87 at LP 1604
  • LP 1604 EB and WB from Babcock to Bandera
  • IH 10 EB and WB exit ramps to US 281 NB and SB
  • US 281 NB exit to airport
  • IH 35 NB and SB at Topperwein

2:40 p.m.: TxDOT - UPDATE: Crash on westbound I-10 at Camp Bullis is CLEAR

2:39 p.m.: TxDOT - Our current priority is getting the direct connectors reopened for the evening commute.

2:39 p.m.: TxDOT - CLOSURE UPDATE (ice closures): All direct connectors at I-410 and US 281 are closed. All closed EXCEPT WB I-410 to I-10, I-10 cloverleaf connectors at Lp 1604 are closed, Direct connectors at US 281 and Lp 1604 are closed, WB Lp 1604 between Lockhill Selma and Bandera is closed.

2:15 p.m.: TxDOT - UPDATE: Eastbound Loop 1604 open Bandera to Babcock. Lp 1604 reopening as we get the bridges treated. Please drive SLOW if you're on the road - slow and steady wins the day on days like today.

2:09 p.m.: TxDOT - CRASH UPDATE: Westbound I-10 at Boerne Stage Road now OPEN; crash cleared. #BeSafeDriveSmart

2:08 p.m.: TxDOT - CRASH: Northbound I-37 ant I-410. Main lanes CLOSED. @SATXPolice and @SATXFire are on the scene.

1:42 p.m.: TxDOT - CRASH: Westbound I-10 at Camp Bullis. Rollover crash has the right lane and the exit ramp closed.

1:29 p.m. : TxDOT -- Even with the bridges treated, traffic needs to remain SLOW on these roads. Friction from your tires will help warm up the road (true story) if you take it slow and easy for us. Let's all work together!

1:27 p.m.: TxDOT - Trucks are now on Loop 1604 to treat all bridges between Bandera Rd and US 281. They'll be working on the eastbound side first, then over to the westbound side. We hope to have the road reopened behind the trucks.

1:16 p.m.: TxDOT - Here are the current San Antonio closures: Loop 1604, both ways, from Bandera to Lockhill-Selma (ice), I-10 and Loop 1604 connectors (ice), I-410 and US 281 connectors (ice), I-10 eastbound at Callaghan (ice), I-35 at US 90 (ice)

Drivers we spoke with say they wanted to get out Tuesday but knew to take it slow.

"The one thing you don't want to do in roads like this is go too fast, the biggest danger quite frankly is the other driver. So, I think the government over all closing government, closing schools, you are saving lives,” said San Antonio resident Mark Pantak.

"As long as you are careful, it’s no worse than any other day that we have rain, I am from up north so this to me was nothing, so you go in, keep steady and keep going,” said San Antonio resident Dee Carter.

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