Hunter caught with his pants down

Photo: Pixabay

A Comal County game warden responded to a call for assistance back in January after deputies received a shots fired call.

The officers located an individual in a residential neighborhood on the south side of the lake who appeared to have fresh blood on his tactical boots, but did not have a firearm. A search of his vehicle was conducted and two assault rifles were located in the vehicle as well as small drops of blood on the driver and passenger seats.

After a brief interview with the suspect, the warden discovered that there were numerous deer shot and killed along the golf course neighborhood throughout the night. The warden was also able to determine that another individual was involved and was hiding out in the woods.

The first suspect was asked to contact the individual in the woods via cellphone and to wait along the roadway for a deputy to pick him up. The suspect hiding in the woods was not wearing any boots or pants. It was later determined he had removed them to conceal blood evidence.

The warden continued to interview the suspects and determined that they had killed at least two white-tailed does and wounded another one. The suspects could not provide a specific number of animals shot, but believed it to be more than 10 animals.

Cases and restitution for these cases are still pending.

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