How do your kids get ready for the STAAR tests? Share your pics!

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SAN ANTONIO - How do you prepare your children for the dreaded STAAR test?

A good breakfast? A good night's sleep? A pep rally?

Show us how you get your kids ready for the STAAR by texting 'SHARE' to 44332 to send us your pics or video.

The Association of Texas Professional Educators also offers these tips to make sure kids are successful this week!

Tips to help your kids be successful this STAAR testing week:

  • Put their doubts at ease. Remind them that it’s just like any other test they’re taking. Help build their confidence by focusing on what subjects they’re good at. Get them excited by grabbing fun colored pencils from the dollar store. If they’re really nervous, you can access sample test questions on the TEA website.
  • Get kids in bed at an early time. Tired children cannot stay focused for hours on end.
  • Healthy breakfast, not too much sugar. Make sure your child has some protein to help keep their energy stable for a longer period of time. In many cases, schools are providing a hot breakfast for students this week.
  • Get them to school EARLY. This way they won’t feel rushed or possibly come into class late.
  • Pack a light jacket. Sometimes the classroom can get chilly, especially since the kids will be at their desk and not moving around much.
  • Exercise and play time after school. The test can be stressful and the kids’ normal routine at school is different this week. Their minds need a mental break after sitting all day. Physical activity is also great for helping them relax and sleep better!
  • Celebrate and acknowledge their hard work. Let them know you recognize their effort and celebrate their success when the scores come in. It might help if you tell them you’ll go to the movies or the park at the end of the week. The key here is to keep their spirits up throughout the week.
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