House leader Nancy Pelosi stops in San Antonio

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    House minority leader Nancy Pelosi joined Congressman Joaquin Castro, to discuss the nation's recently passed tax bill.

    Republicans say the recent tax reform bill passed resulted in one million Americans receiving raises or bonuses and more than 100 companies giving an increase in wages. But, Monday, U.S. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi says that all only goes so far.

    "How about increasing people's wages, Democrats have a better deal, it’s called better jobs, better wages, better future. How we can increase the paycheck of the American worker that is the most vital thing that we can do to grow our economy,” said Pelosi.

    Monday, Pelosi along with Congressman Joaquin Castro spoke with an audience of about 50 at the San Antonio Public Library. Answering questions and concerns about the bill. Castro and Pelosi say it will force millions of middle income families to pay more in taxes and paves the way for cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.

    "Well I think that it means that he is willing to trade or give up on programs like Medicaid and Medicare and instead funnel that money to the wealthiest folks,” said Congressman Joaquin Castro.

    Monday’s discussion shifted to last week's tragedy in Florida where 17 children were killed when a gunman went on a shooting spree at a high school. Monday, folks asked what can be done to stop that from happening again...

    "Members of the National Rifle Association have gone through background checks themselves, 95 percent of the American people including most of them agree we should have common sense background checks, 70 percent think we should have an assault weapon ban. So these kids are the spark to get the job done,” said Pelosi.

    Pelosi said Monday they have bipartisan support for common sense background checks, more intense background checks than we currently have to purchase a gun. Now they will wait to see if that moves forward.

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