County deputy takes witness stand, tearfully describes horrific child abuse case

(SBG San Antonio photo)

The trial for a man accused of being a part of a horrific child abuse case in 2016 has started. Deandre Jerome Dorch is facing two counts of causing serious bodily injury to a child after two children were found outside his home tied up by dog chains.

"From the backyard I heard a woman abusing a child, telling the child that the parents didn't want him,” said Michelle Williams.

Michelle Williams told jurors that for weeks she heard children cry and whimper in the backyard next door to her off Chipping Drive. She eventually called police. Bexar County Sheriff Deputy Juan Aldaco was one of the deputies to respond.

"She had her hands bound with a dog leash, believe it was pink,” said Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputy Juan Aldaco.

He found a 3-year-old girl tied at her wrists to a garage door by a pink dog leash. She was standing with her hands above her head, unable to sit down. Then, Aldaco saw a second child, a 4-year-old boy, with his pants to his knees, chained at the ankle with a dog chain. There was feces in the yard.

"There are things is this profession that you don't expect to see, that you really don't believe exist or could happen, until you get that call, we don't get to pick and choose calls,” said Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputy Calvin Anderson.

Crime Scene Deputy Calvin Anderson got emotional as he showed jurors the pink dog leash that was used on the little girl. He said after 28 years, he had seen a lot, but this scene was something he really struggled with.

Deputies say Dorch was living in the home off Chipping Drive with Porucha Phillips. Phillips has been sentenced to 50 years in prison and is now appealing. The two told deputies they were watching the children for a friend, Cheryl Reed who was in California. Reed, the mother of the two children is still awaiting trial.

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