Hero police officer gives up his own game console to little boy that had his stolen

Aidan Munro and Officer Brandon Smith (Photo courtesy Seguin Police Department).

SEGUIN, Texas – Little Aidan Munro, 9, was feeling pretty low after a burglar broke into his family’s house and stole his prize possessions: His Xbox and all his games. The thief also stole all the Xbox accessories – and even the TV! It was a crushing blow for a little boy getting ready to celebrate his tenth birthday.

To make matters even worse for little Adian, one of the reasons he loved his Xbox so much was because it was given to him by his father.

Enter Officer Brandon Smith, a three-year veteran of the Seguin Police Force. After investigating the burglary and seeing Aidan’s obvious disappointment, Officer Smith went back to his own home, retrieved his own PS3 game system, controllers and games, and then went and purchased Aidan's favorite game (Minecraft).

Aidan’s mom Jessica said, “Officer Smith is caring, selfless and sweet.”

When Officer Smith delivered the gifts, Aidan was ecstatic and extremely grateful.

“In a time when law enforcement is being looked at in a negative light, what Officer Brandon Smith did was one of the most selfless and kind gestures I have ever seen. He recognized this situation had created a rather sad moment for Aidan, who had lost one of his means of enjoyment, and Brandon took it upon himself to give up his personal game system, games and accessories to make things a little easier for Aidan. Brandon exemplifies the kind of Servant Leadership, compassion, and empathy our employees exude every single day here at SPD,” said Chief Kevin Kelso.

We salute you Officer Brandon Smith!

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