Help San Antonio Food Bank replenish supplies


    SAN ANTONIO - The San Antonio Food Bank is experiencing a critical shortage.

    Shelves are nearly empty at the South San Antonio warehouse.

    The non-profit is asking for donations to help replenish supplies.

    Last year's hurricane season was one of the most hyperactive, catastrophic on record.

    After hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria communities were devastated; and given the estimated 3-thousand deaths families were too.

    "When San Antonio and our area was spared a lot of people felt it in their hearts to help our neighbors in Houston, and in the coastal region we didn't get hurt and so we wanted to help those we could help," said San Antonio Food Bank Spokeswoman Susan Filyk.

    Generous donations during those disasters helped the San Antonio Food Bank feed families both near and far.

    This year has been a different story.

    The hurricane season has been mild, and food supplies are lower than normal.

    "This time of year, people are kind of focused on back to school and football season we're all gearing up for so we have a lot of other things on our minds," Filyk said.

    Even in the slow donor summer months shelves are not usually this empty.

    Now the food bank is struggling to provide meals to the 58-thousand people served weekly.

    They're asking the public to help provide essential non-perishables, known as the 12-most wanted items like soup, beans, and rice.

    "Those are the ones we need all year long to make sure we have those grocery staples for people in need," Filyk said.

    September is Hunger Action Month.

    For more information on how you can help, click here.

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