Heidi Search Center closing its doors after nearly 30 years

Heidi Search Center closing its doors after nearly 30 years

SAN ANTONIO -- After nearly a 30 year history the Heidi Search Center is closing its doors

The non-profit had been struggling to keep the lights on for quite some time.

Executive Director Dottie Laster says it all boiled down to money, there was simply not enough funding to keep the doors open.

"For the moment someone might say it's important. But when it comes down to funding this problem to where we could help efficiently, I’ve not been able to find that, and I’m sorry because I’ve tried everything, " Laster said.

The Heidi Search Center was named after Heidi Seeman, a little girl who disappeared while walking home from a friend’s house back in 1990.

Since then the non-profit has worked to help families find their missing loved ones.

"That's probably going to be the hardest thing for me, " said Dottie Laster referring to not being able to take new missing persons cases.

Laster says the Seeman's were notified about the closure Thursday evening. "They were very gracious, and want the community to know that they fully support myself, and the other executive directors, and the board for carrying Heidi's love and mission."

The Heidi Search Center currently has about 70 active missing persons cases, and Laster says all of the case files will stay in the building. The Heidi Search Center building located off Naco Perrin is expected to be turned over to another non-profit, Central Texas Lobos Youth Academy. Laster says the Academy has agreed to preserve the files so students in the Texas Institute of Investigation can work the cases.

As for all of the donors and volunteers who gave their all. "I want all those people to know that it's not because of them that we're gone, it's because of them we stayed this much longer, " said Laster.

A joint press conference is expected next week with the Heidi Search Center and the Central Texas Lobos Youth Academy to discuss the latest .

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