Healing your mind, body and soul under one roof

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    SAN ANTONIO - There's a center in San Antonio that'll help balance your mind, body and soul under one roof.

    It's the Balanced Health Healing Center on the north side.

    Our Delaine Mathieu stopped by to check it out.

    Kay Spears runs the Balanced Health Healing Center on Blanco Road. "The whole reason I opened this concept and this name is for spiritual mind and body," said Spears. "You can't sometimes just get someone well by working on the physical aspects of the body. A lot of times, there are some emotional trauma or some mindsets or something going on that's not allowing them to completely heal."

    The Center is a one-stop-shop for everything from gut health, nutritional direction, weight loss -- even psychiatric counseling.

    "We do neurofeedback which is something that helps with depression and anxiety," Spears said. So we can actually brain map parts of the brain that are functioning properly and get the brain back into balance by doing brain training."

    They even have an infrared sauna. It doesn't get as hot as traditional saunas -- which, kay says, could be more effective. "An infrared sauna is not just heat in the room it's actually able to penetrate three inches below the skin level -- so it's internally heating the core of the body so it helps with metabolism you can burn up to 600 calories being in the sauna."

    For more information, go to www.balancedhealthsa.com.

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