Haven for Hope helps mom of six start over in new home


SAN ANTONIO---It's moving day for a mom and her children! Leaving Haven for Hope and re-starting their lives together.

"I've come a long way in the last year and a half of being at Haven for Hope, being homeless with my six children and now I'm in my new home for Christmas and I can have that with my kids."

Christa Chunn lost her children when she went homeless, but they are now reunited and moving the last of their belongings out of Haven for Hope.

"It was a very long fight and sometimes I thought I was never going to be out of Haven and be in my own home. I'm grateful for everyone that has come my way to be able to help me get to this point," says Krista.

"I can't even come to terms with how I feel right now! Just yes!" Krista exclaims as she walks into her new home.

Tara Streetman the Senior Case Worker at Haven says this day has been a long time coming for Krista and the children.

"Seeing this family from where they started when she had no income, had a baby on the campus, and just so many barriers and watching how hard she worked and then seeing her move into her new home is what keeps me wanting to work at Haven for Hope."

And according to Streetman this is a scene that's repeated many times at Haven for Hope.

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