Guests visit Sutherland Springs to show support and offer help

Sutherland Springs shooting folo.JPG

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas- The small town of Sutherland Springs is slowly beginning to recover from Sunday's tragic mass shooting.

26 crosses all stand together, outside the First Baptist Church in town. Each cross represents an individual that was shot and killed by a gunman during Sunday's church shooting.

"It feels breathtaking," said Jesse Eres a visitor from out of town. "It's hard. It's hard for the families here."

"A heavy heart around here, but nobody is shy about showing their support" said Michelle Livermoree from San Antonio.

Many people were visiting Sutherland Springs from out of town on Friday. Some fore closure, while others made the nearly 200 miles drive from Houston, looking to help.

"That's what started it, to donate units of blood," said Ken Gurley from Houston. "Then I just decided, well if I'm going to do that, I might as well pay my respects here."

"I think it's good to see the markers, and see some of the faces," said Roger Lawson.

Many guests wrote messages as the crosses, left outside of the church. However, others left behind flowers, stuffed animals, and children's toys at the memorial site.

"We have a bunch of flowers today, just so that we have enough for everybody," said Livermoree. "Brought a little teddy bear for the baby."

As hearts continue to ache, the memorials all grow larger.

"They've impressed not even all of Texas, but I think the entire nation," said Gurley. "With their resilience, and their faith, in this time of trial."

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