Group wants land around Missions preserved

Group wants land around Missions preserved.

SAN ANTONIO - A group of Southside citizens asked the city to consider preserving the land around San Antonio's Missions. The Missions were designated a World Heritage Site last summer. It is the only World Heritage Site in Texas.

"We didn't get this designation because of the buildings. It's because of the community and the culture," Carroll Brown said.

Brown is a member of the Alliance for San Antonio Missions, which is a group of Southside residents. The Alliance wants the city council to consider setting aside money in the 2017 bond to buy the land surrounding the Missions.

"We want to preserve as much as possible," he said. "Guard the Missions, you might say."

Signs on properties near Mission San Jose showed the fear of what could happen. Some of the signs said "No apartments next to our Mission" and "Respect San Jose."

"This area needs more diverse development, but we don't want it in the Missions backdoor or front door," Brown said.

The Alliance said it emailed a letter to Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran in March asking her to consider preserving the land.

"We didn't get a reply," Brown said about the letter.

News 4 asked the councilwoman if she ever received the letter.

"It was an email and unfortunately the email was inadvertently sent to a junk folder," Viagran said.

She said it is important to "respect and preserve the mission, but also utilize what we have in the area."

"I am going to happily move forward, suggest to my bond committee the suggestions that were put forward in the letter," Viagran said.

She said the city work on firming up the 2017 bond proposal in December or January. Once it is complete, the bond will go before the voters in May

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