Group walks out during town hall on bathroom bill

SAN ANTONIO -- A heated debate leads to a walk-out during News 4 San Antonio’s town hall meeting Thursday night on the so-called “bathroom bill.”

The "Your Voice, Your Future" town hall featured several panelists including a transgender navy veteran who talked about the potential effects of Senate Bill 6.

The bill would require Texans to use the bathrooms in public schools, universities and other state buildings that correspond with the gender on their birth certificates.

The panel debated all aspects of the bill, including how it would be enforced, the possible economic impact of it and whether it discriminates against the LGBTQ community.

A large group walked out chanting “trans rights are human rights” when a panelist suggested transgender kids use the faculty restroom at schools, as opposed to student restrooms.

The meeting ended when the fire alarm went off at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.

Senate Bill 6 now goes to the full state senate for a vote.

Watch the entire town hall

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