Group inspired by Baby King Jay hopes to help children

    Group inspired by Baby King Jay hopes to help children. (SBG Photo)

    A new Facebook group, inspired by 8-month-old King Jay Davila, is hoping to help kids.

    "It's really really important, that those of us who are capable and willing, step up and operate as a voice for the children that don't have one,” said Jasmine McGill.

    Much of San Antonio has been touched by Baby King’s heartbreaking death. McGill says she didn’t known King personally, but his case motivated her to create the Facebook group called, “Baby King Jay Volunteer Team”.

    "We can take his name, and his honor, and apply it to good,” said McGill. "I'm seeing San Antonio come together as a team. So, why not make it a team?"

    McGill aspires to have group members work with charities that help children. She plans to schedule events with organizations like Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), and Any Baby Can.

    "Volunteering your time, is the most valuable thing that we can do in these situations,” said McGill. "Any group, or organization, that supports children from birth, to 18-years-old."

    Roughly 300 people had joined the group as of Thursday evening.

    If you’re interested in joining click HERE.

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