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Group caravans to San Antonio to support asylum seeker facing deportation

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SAN ANTONIO -- A group of immigration supporters are on their way home after trying to stop the deportation of a man seeking asylum.

They came to San Antonio on Wednesday to plead his case.

Around a couple dozen supporters braved the cold and the rain to voice their support for Alirio Gamez.

“As a community we should get to decide who is a part of our communities,” said Claudia Munoz, a supporter who traveled from Austin to San Antonio. “That's the message we're bringing to ICE."

The rally began early Wednesday morning in Austin.

Gamez is originally from El Salvador.

But he's been staying at a church in Austin since September 5.

He's been given sanctuary there.

Gamez now faces deportation after his request for asylum has been denied.

A group of supporters took a short bus ride from Austin to an ICE field office in San Antonio.

“We are looking to file a stay of removal," said Tomas Medina, Gamez’s attorney.

The entire group of supporters tried to go inside the field office, but were denied entry.

“We're just asking why the change of heart at the last minute and why they don't want to meet with us when they indicated that they would," said Munoz.

Less than 10 minutes later, Medina was allowed in to file the stay of removal.

But medina says that request was also denied.

“Because Alirio is not with me,” said Medina. “The reason Alirio is not with me is because they can't give me assurance that if I bring him he won't be detained."

The entire rally in front of the field office didn't last more than an hour.

Medina says the future is uncertain at this point, but plans to formulate a new plan with Gamez and the community in Austin.

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