Grace Point Church returns to sanctuary after three alarm fire

Grace Point Church returns to sanctuary

SAN ANTONIO - Services at Grace Point Church in north San Antonio are back in the main sanctuary after roughly 14 months.

A three-alarm fire June 19, 2016 destroyed much of the building along Huebner Road. Officials estimate damage from the fire exceeded $1 million.

"Fire can be destructive,” said senior pastor Jeff Harris. “It's also a powerful force for good as well."

"Blessings do come like that sometimes,” said Isaac Rodriguez, a member of the church. “When we think everything is gone, all of the sudden it's just blessings on blessings.”

Services were held in a smaller building nearby since the large fire. However, it was a little crowded for the nearly 1,000 members of the church.

"Everybody just kind of pulled together and kept going,” said Becky Commer.

We've gotten so much closer, because the place was so much smaller,” said Mike Petithomme. “It's been a wonderful year and a half just being here.”

Despite the material losses from the fire, much of the congregation maintained a strong desire to impact others outside of the chapel.

“Church isn't necessarily a building," said Adam Reissner. "Church is the people that come to that building. We never really lost our church.”

"We focused on being like a wildfire and spreading out,” Harris said. “Versus staying inside the coals. We're stronger and more focused. We're thanking God, even for the hard times.”

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