Google Fiber officially launches in San Antonio

Google Fiber in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO -- Google Fiber is in San Antonio now, promising super-fast internet service across the city.

After a few minutes of discussion, west side resident Eric Aguilar was immediately interested in google fiber services.

"Not many people know about this you know, so I think for them to start up on this side its interesting,” said San Antonio resident Eric Aguilar.

He along with many were eager to learn more. Google Fiber says the west side near Westover Hills and around west end park was picked with the help of the city.

"Well it’s the fastest internet out there right now, 1000 mega-bits downstream, 1000 mega-bits upstream, its super-fast, people love the customer care,” said Tyler Wallis with Google Fiber.

The company says the new services will start in this area and then gradually spread throughout the entire city.

Right now, it will cost $55 a month for the Google Fiber internet alone. They are also offering YouTube TV for an additional $35 a month.

"We home school, so it is nice to be able to get the stuff that we do immediately instead of us wasting our time, waiting for things to upload and the faster technology has its advantages, “said San Antonio resident Melissa Watts.

Melissa Watts' address is not one that is eligible yet, but she says she is grateful the services are here and she'll get it soon.

"It’s more important that Google Fiber is in an area that it can make the most difference, I can easily access things for my kids on the internet, it is a lot harder for families around here to afford that, and so the fact that google fiber started here makes a lot of sense to me,” said Watts.

Google Fiber is officially launching in that area, and people can sign up from now until December 21st.

CLICK HERE to find out how to sign up for Google Fiber.

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