Good 4 You: Stretch Lab aims to improve workouts and mobility

    Good 4 You: Stretch Lab

    There's a new company in town that helps people stretch.

    Sounds a little funny but a full-body stretch by a certified flexologist -- can improve your workouts and your mobility.

    It's called StretchLab.

    Rob Mazak is a certified flexologist with StretchLab on the Northwest side.

    Today, he's working on Amanda -- an avid kick boxer who wants to get more out of her workouts. "They're able to do some stretches I don't think I could do on my own," she said.

    They perform controlled stretches -- pushing and holding positions -- working deeper areas of the body your less likely to be able to reach on your own. A lot of athletes come in wanting to improve their circulation, mobility -- even elongate their muscles. "A lot of times when they come to us," explained Mazak, "They want to get that extra competitive edge, they want to be able to get that stride a little longer, they want to be able to move better."

    But he says anyone can benefit from a full body stretch. "The problem with a tight muscle is it tends to shut off some of the muscles that do the opposite motions," he said. "So it becomes this huge muscle and then it just causes a lot of other muscles to work harder than they should."

    Amanda loves it and sees a big improvement already. "It's kinda like a massage but different," she said. "You get more out of it and you're involved in the process -- and I know a lot of people who'd be interested in doing it."

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