Good 4 You: Soul Reading

Good 4 You: Soul Reading

Have you ever found yourself soul-searching -- wanting to know what your true purpose is in life or how to change the course of your life? A San Antonio woman says she may be able to help. She's a soul reader -- not a psychic -- she reads your soul. Delaine Mathieu sat down with her for my own reading -- to see what this practice is all tonight's Good 4 You.

With just her name, birthday and place of birth, Sybil Webb, a certified intuitive soul reader, could read parts of Delaine's soul. "The first thing we're going to talk about is your divine gift," she told Delaine. Webb says there are eight divine gifts and everyone has at least one. "So your divine gift is divine self-expression," she said. "You're a natural channel for the spoken word, for the written word. "You're a communicator -- your opinions, your perspectives and your ideas need to be heard," she explained. "That's why you're here to share with us your perspective of the world."

She told Delaine that she's surrounded by seven white lights --- mult-dimensional beings that transport her prayers and intentions to the universe. Webb is also a yoga instuctor and says the whole idea behind a soul reading is connecting with our divine purpose -- and to help clear the air or universe -- from anything that's preventing us from finding it. "It just reminds me that if feels like we're all sleepwalking through this life," she explained. "And I think that what the soul reading does is it wakes us up to this higher awareness this bigger picture of why we're here and what purpose we have."

"You know what, I was surprised by how positive it was," Elaine Lang told Delaine. She's retired and felt lost until she had a reading. "It just reaffirmed many of the things, insights, I knew about myself," she siad. "But it also gave me the momentum to go forward and try some different things."

And to those who don't believe someone can actually read someone's soul, Webb says: "I say, to each to each their own," she repolied. "I'm saying let me guide you to better understand yourself. Let me help you get better connected with your understanding of a higher power whatever, that is."

Each session costs $200. If you're interested in having a soul reading or want more information, go to

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