Good 4 You: Microblading


Charlotte Miller is excited about the idea of having thicker eyebrows without having to work for them.

"They're just thin," Miller says. "I'm ready to fill them in a little bit and just kind of have them enhance my face."

Jillian Carter at Brow Bar in North San Antonio begins the process with the most important step: designing the brows.

Once the client likes the look and picks a color -- the blade comes out and the microblading begins.

"We go right on the top of the skin..instead of tapping the pigment in... with tattoos, which are permanent, a needle penetrates the skin."

But, in microblading, which is semi-permanent, tiny strokes are made with a little blade dipped in ink.

How ever the hair is growing is how the stylist does the hair strokes.

While it looks like it may hurt, Miller says it feels like you're brushing your hair.

Carter uses a numbing cream to help minimize pain.

The process can take a couple hours -- depending on the look you want.

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