Girlfriend speaks out after witnessing boyfriend gunned down in Northeast side home


    NORTHEAST SIDE - The family of a man shot and killed on Sunday is sharing new details about what happened.

    The family said the alleged shooter who's facing murder charges was dropping off a cat.

    The victim's girlfriend saw it all go down, and she's speaking out about it for the very first time.

    "I just jumped up and screamed, I couldn't stop screaming," Victim's girlfriend, Katherine Stoner said.

    Stoner witnessed her boyfriend, Robert Rushing gunned down right before her eyes.

    "I just heard a loud noise," Stoner said. "And I look up and he's falling down."

    Police arrested this man two days later, 23-year-old Phillip Rizzuto who was Stoner's and Rushing's ex-roommate.

    Stoner said Rizzuto was dropping off her cat when he shot Rushing in the head.

    "I'm very sorry for everything that is going on," Rizzuto said.

    Rushing's father doesn't know why Rizzuto allegedly killed his son.

    "But the bottom line is there is really no good reason he did what he did," Rushing's father, Timothy McFarland said.

    Rizzuto said he doesn't remember what happened.

    "I don't remember specifically," Rizzuto said.

    Scott Freeman, Rushing's brother-in-law who also lived with him said he didn't expect it.

    Freeman like the rest of the people close to Robert is choosing to remember him not by how he died but how he lived.

    "His laugh, it was infectious," McFarland said.

    Rizzuto is now charged with murder.

    Rushing's father does not want the death penalty.

    "I want him to reflect on this for a long time," McFarland said. "I want him to stay in there forever."

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