Gabriel Moreno murder trial resumes

    Gabriel Moreno is on trial for murder. (SBG photo).

    SAN ANTONIO - The Gabriel Moreno murder trial resumed in Judge Ron Rangel's 379th District Court Thursday morning with the prosecution continuing to present its case.

    On Wednesday, two crime scene investigators testified about what they found at the site of Jose Luis Menchaca's murder in 2014. Moreno has been charged in connection with Menchaca's death. He is accused of beating Menchaca to death and dismembering him. Partially burned body parts were later found in a barbecue pit.

    Also Wednesday, Lisa Trevino pleaded the fifth several dozen times when questioned about a meeting she had earlier in the day with prosecutors. She had been subpoenaed by the defense but was unexpectedly called as a witness for the prosecution.

    Trevino refused to answer questions from attorneys on both sides of the case. Defense attorney Albert Gutierrez Jr. questioned her about the threat of prosecution she received earlier in the day from prosecutors if she did not provide more information about what she saw or heard pertaining to the murder.

    With the jury outside of the courtroom, Rangel rebuked the prosecution about its interview with Trevino earlier in the day, and asked if the word "perjury" had been mentioned during the meeting, which did not include an attorney for Trevino. She was assisted by an attorney during her testimony Wednesday.

    A lengthy video of her speaking to investigators four years ago was played in court Wednesday before the session was adjourned. The rest of the interview was scheduled to be played in court this morning.

    This is the second time Moreno has been tried in Menchaca's murder. The first murder trial resulted in a mistrial earlier this year.

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