Police officer charged in the drowning of son gets emotional on first day of trial

    Raymond Licon is on trial for the death of his 11-month-old son who drowned in a bathtub while under his care, police said.

    The trial is underway for a El Paso police officer charged in the death of his son.

    The trial of Raymond Licon started Tuesday.

    Licon is on trial for the death of his 11-month-old son who drowned in a bathtub while under his care on June 20, 2017 at the Z Place Apartments on Zion Lane in northeast El Paso, police said.

    Witnesses on the stand Tuesday said the day the incident happened, the father kept repeating in hysteria that he had killed his son.

    Licon was emotional most of the morning before breaking down when photos of his dead son were shown to the jury.

    He was arrested after it was found that Licon left the baby unsupervised in the bathtub while he was arguing on the phone with his ex-wife.

    He was charged with one count of abandonment/endangering a child, injury to a child, and negligent criminal homicide.

    Multiple law enforcement officers took the stand. They described Licon as “hysterical” when they arrived.

    Officer Humberto Perez described what Licon was like when he arrived on scene.

    “He was on the phone. He kept yelling and screaming. He was scared, that's how I would describe it,” Perez said.

    Officer Roberto Mendoza also took the stand and described what the scene was like when him and his partner, Perez, arrived.

    "He was hysterical, yelling out loud, uncontrollable," Mendoza said. “Specifically he said, ‘I just killed my baby.’”

    The medical examiner took the stand in the afternoon. Photos of the infant's body were once again presented to the jury. Licon cried again while the images were shown. He cried into the shoulder of one of his defense attorneys, not turning to look at the images.

    Prosecutors argued that Licon should have been aware of the dangers of leaving his infant son in a bathtub with the water running.

    The defense asked for acquittal on all three charges but the state said endangerment has been proven.

    The first day of trial ended around 2:30 p.m. It will continue Wednesday at 8:30 a.m.

    Reporter Claudia Tristan is in the courtroom. You can follow her on Twitter @ClaudiaKFOX_CBS for updates from inside the courtroom

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