For the third time, woman wakes to find man staring at her; suspect charged

Suspected stalker Chaitanya Cherukuri (Photo: San Marcos Police Department)

SAN ANTONIO - Police in San Marcos arrested a man they say broke into a woman's apartment and watched her sleep.

"There were a lot of rumors but no one was entirely sure,” said Texas State student Seattle Adams.

Texas state senior Seattle Adams says she is relieved to hear 24-year-old Chaitanya Cherukuri has been arrested by San Marcos police.

Police say cherukuri was found last Sunday at the foot of a female student's bed here at the treehouse apartments. They say he had broken into several apartments and homes of students in San Marcos over the last year. The majority through unlocked doors and windows.

"Some of the cases are all the way up to getting inside of the victim’s apartment, some of the cases are more peeping tom type of cases, where someone has noticed someone outside watching them through the window,” said San Marcos Police Department Detective Garner Ames.

Police say the victim here at the treehouse apartment says Cherukuri broke in two other times before last Sunday. And at one point managed to copy the victim's house key, gaining access to the apartment.

"It is just really kind of disturbing to know that people are somehow able to get in, and just having the peace of mind with a security system really helps,” said Adams.

On Sunday, police say the victim was prepared and had a Taser by her bed, she held cherukuri by Taser point until police arrived. But, before this case, police say it was very hard to catch him.

"It is one of those cases where you have to catch them in the act, he hasn't left a lot of evidence around, so we had a lot of very vague descriptions, but most people don't get a good look at them because its dark in their apartment,” said Adams.

Police say all of the victims are students at Texas State and all live within a 1-mile radius of cherukuri's home. Cherukuri was a teaching assistant and computer science student at the university. He is now facing burglary and stalking charges.

Anyone who may have info about Cherukuri is asked to call the detective handling the case at 512-753-2314.

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