Boxes of donated food help feed families in need

Cars lined the drive-way as volunteers packed their trunks with food. (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO - More than 250 struggling families received boxes of food during a distribution event in South Bexar County.

Cars lined the drive-way as volunteers packed their trunks with food.

"We have over 12 kids in the house at any given moment, so it helps a lot," said Angie Cortez.

Cortez and her husband are raising their nieces and nephews. Money can be tight for their family of 14.

"It puts a lot of burden on my husband, so I said, 'You know what? Yeah. I'm going to go so we can get extra help,'" said Cortez.

She and thousands of other individuals benefited from the giveaways.

Lucy Adame, leader of Bexar Organized Communities-Area South (BOCA), says the event focuses on the specific needs of South Bexar county.

"Their grocery store is the Family Dollar store, so they don't have fresh produce. They don't have the fresh meat that we are providing today," said Adame.

The distribution event was a team effort by Last Chance Ministries, Eagles Flight and (BOCA).

"I have a lot of grandparents raising grandchildren, so a lot of parents either pass away or they go to jail," said Adame. "We have people that are just raising somebody else's children, and we have a lot of foster kids out here."

Leftover food was brought to a nearby church and cooked for other communities in need.

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