Flu causing major wait times at Baptist Medical Center

Flu causing major wait times at Baptist Medical Center.PNG

SAN ANTONIO- Right now, the flu is even affecting people who don't have it.

It's causing major wait times at emergency rooms across the country including the one at Baptist Medical Center Downtown.

Emergency Medicine Doctor Nayeli Rodulfo with the Baptist Medical Center said people who need to be admitted into the hospital are waiting an average of 16 hours.

“It's important to know that if you are relatively healthy and you don't have a fever you just have a runny nose your wait time is going to be pretty long because we are seeing the sicker people first,” Rodulfo said.

According to San Antonio's Metro Health District so far this year, one person locally has died from the illness. Local pharmacies have seen an increase in prescriptions for Tamiflu, the medicine used to reduce flu symptoms. But even with the increase, Chris Alvarado a pharmacist at Oakdell pharmacy said San Antonio isn't seeing a shortage.

“We've gotten a lot calls from up North Texas that have been really bad. Fortunately, here in San Antonio we still have Tamiflu for the kids and for the adults,” Alvarado.

Dr. Rodolfo encourages people to see their primary doctor or visit an urgent care clinic if symptoms are mild and only visit an emergency room for severe cases.

“If you have a persistent high fever you are feeling extremely weak to the point where you have difficulty walking or catching your breath, those are symptoms that you should seek medical attention (an) emergency room right away,” Rodulfo said.

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