Flu activity rising at rapid rate in San Antonio area


SAN ANTONIO - This year's flu vaccine may not be the best match for the strain that's currently going around. But doctors say getting a flu shot still has some benefits. A flu index from shows Texas as the top state with flu activity.

Christmas wasn't very merry for little six-year old Paris

“Just before Christmas she started just with her nose running," said Tina Irvin, Paris’ aunt.

Irvin took Paris to get a flu shot back in September.

When they went to see the doctor again about a week ago, Irvin was certain Paris was dealing with allergies.

“Nope she tested positive for influenza A," said Irvin.

Doctors say the flu has been hitting the San Antonio community hard over the last two weeks.

“Last Monday for instance we had nine cases of flu and those are in all separate families," said Dr. Sky Izzaddoost, a primary care pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital.

She says it's too early to tell how effective the flu vaccine is in the United States.

“We have gotten some preliminary numbers from Australia and a lot of times we can look at the two and compare them. in Australia it was 10 percent effective," said Izzaddoost.

Izzaddoost says even if it doesn't prevent you from getting the flu, it's still important to get a flu shot.

“People who get the flu shot have a shorter course,” said Izzaddoost. “That means instead of being sick 7 to 10 days you're going to be sick for 5 to 6 days.”

Doctors say the reason why the effectiveness of the flu vaccine varies is because the actual virus covers itself in a capsule.

That capsule mutates every year and doctors say the vaccine is made around February and March.

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