Flooding causing major problems throughout the Hill Country

    (Photo: SBG San Antonio)

    Flooding has forced the county to close more than 3 dozen roads in the area.

    The Fransisco Lemos bridge is closed, with its highest crest in 30 years. Traffic continues on Sydney Baker Street, the main bridge that runs through town.

    Multiple parks along the river have been closed and campers have been asked to move to higher ground.

    The Kerrville fire department is on high alert at these crossings. There are police officers telling people it’s too dangerous to cross.

    The city has changed how it’s getting it’s drinking water which normally comes from the river they had to switch to ground water because the water is too turbulent to treat.

    “The bridges I think will be fine there’s gonna be a lot of debris obviously a lot of islands a lot of floods like that they’re going to be destroyed," said Jon Cheatham.

    Schools with Center Point ISD had a late start today. The city of Kerrville is advising people to stay home if possible.

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