75-year-old man dies in East Side house fire

Deadly fire on Belmont on Tuesday, January 2, 2018. (Photo: Sinclair Broadcast Group)

SAN ANTONIO -- A man was killed when fire swept through his East Side home Tuesday.

Family tells us, 75-year-old Arnold Gibbons, known as Junior to family and friend was killed.

"I loved him to death and I just can't believe it,” said Gibbon’s sister Evelyn Henry.

The family of Arnold Gibbons is in shock after learning he was killed inside his home this morning.

San Antonio fire fighters say the 75-year-old was trying to stay warm with his stove top or possibly tried to put out a toaster fire when his shirt caught fire. Ruben Romero lives across the street. He says he saw smoke coming from Gibbons home and ran to help.

"I looked through the burglar doors like this one and he was on fire on his back, I tried to open it and it was locked,” said neighbor Ruben Romero.

Romero ended up ripping down the door, but once inside it was too late, he says gibbons took his last breath with him.

"At least Junior knew, at least my neighbor knew that someone did come,” said Romero.

Firefighters say when they arrived Gibbon’s shirt was completely burned off and he had 3rd degree burns to most of his upper body. Family says gibbons was living alone in the home for they say they are thankful to have spent the holidays with him this year.

"He was just a good person to everybody, really good person, he gives and everything,” said Henry.

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