Fights near John Jay High School continue, councilman calls for action

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    Viewer video shows a fight on Tuesday taking place right next to John Jay High School.

    “You step out of those gates, and it's just a free for all,” said Gloria Campa, a parent of a John Jay student.

    In the new video posted on Tuesday, a woman is shown with a knife and a teenager is seen jumping on top of a car before falling through the sunroof. The fight carried on for more than 5 minutes before the teenager drove away.

    "They just go on and on,” said Campa referring to previous fights near John Jay High School. “You can see blood on these kids. It's just horrible to watch."

    As we uncovered from social media less than 2 weeks ago, at least 6 fights have taken place around the school since February.

    "What's happening is a select few people,” said District 6 Councilman Greg Brockhouse. “This is not John Jay High School. “It's not that neighborhood, or community, and it's not reflective of who we are."

    We noticed at least 6 San Antonio police officers on patrol near the school on Wednesday. Police seem to be ramping up enforcement in an effort to curb the violence around the school.

    "What happens on their campus is their responsibility, but this is now bleeding out into the community,” said Brockhouse. “This is all of our responsibilities."

    Police tell us both people in the video were arrested for criminal mischief.

    The Northside Independent School District also provided the written statement below.:

    “NISD remains committed to ensuring student and staff safety at Jay HS and every other campus. The recent incidents that have taken place off campus are being addressed by local law enforcement. The District and campus have cooperated fully with the San Antonio Police Department in an effort to address these incidents. To continue that cooperative effort, the NISD Police Department and the SAPD will be meeting to review these incidents and to ensure that they are addressed quickly and appropriately.”

    "Press statements aren't going to work from either side,” said Brockhouse. “We either get to work and fix it, or this neighborhood is going to see this increase, and we can't stand for that."

    A nearby church parking lot where many of the fights have taken place, tells us they’re no longer allowing students to park on their property.

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