Federal Budget cuts threaten Meals On Wheels SA

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SAN ANTONIO - For the past two years Johnnie Grant has spent his Monday morning volunteering for Meals on Wheels.

“The good lord has been good to me, so he put us here to take care of each other,” Grant said ask he prepped for the morning.

Grant is an Army veteran, so serving is in his blood.

"Somehow I look at my future. What will happen to me when I get to that time in life that I may need some help?” Grant said.

He has even developed friendships with the people on his route, like Dolores Zepeda, who started receiving meals after having heart surgery.

"It feels real good. At least you have somebody to talk to,” Zepeda said.

Grant fears all of this could be drastically impacted with the current proposal of President Trump's federal budget. The White House is proposing slashing funding for social programs, including Meals on Wheels, to increase defense spending.

"All the stories about how we cut Meals on Wheels, I think the program that we propose to eliminate regarding meals on wheels accounts for three percent, three percent of the meals on wheels funding across the nation,” Mick Mulvaney, Director of Office Management and Budget, said.

Meals on Wheels San Antonio CEO Vinsen Faris said federal dollars make up more than 20-percent of the $6 million local budget. He also said this organization saves tax dollars.

"Meals on Wheels is good public policy because we save the public tax dollars. We keep people out of the emergency room. We don't tie up EMS services. We prevent premature nursing home placements,” Faris said.

Click here to see President Trump’s proposed budget.

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