Family tricks package thieves with box of dog poop

The family left a box on the front porch, with a little present from the family dog inside.

SCHERTZ, Texas – The Schertz Police Department is about to file charges against two package thieves after an enterprising homeowner used decoy packages to catch them red-handed. Instead of fancy electronics or even a lump of coal, the thieves ended up with a pile of dog feces.

With decorations adorning every home, the Belmont Park subdivision is filled with holiday spirit.

"It's just a real sense of community here,” homeowner Rose Faubush says.

So she was pretty steamed when real-life Grinches started stealing boxes from front porches.

"I was really angry when I heard about the packages being stolen, even though it wasn't ours,” Rose says.

She and her son Hayden left a box on the front porch, with a little present from the family dog inside.

"Dog poo. Packages of dog poo,” Rose says.

An hour later, the box was gone.

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"Our plan actually was accomplished,” Hayden says.

So the next day, they stuffed another box with ribbons and bows and wrapping paper, and got their cell phones ready.

"I was excited to finally catch these thieves,” Hayden says.

Sure enough, a thief came to the door while his partner waited in the car.

After confronting them, Rose circulated their pictures on Facebook. A few hours later, the getaway driver came back and asked her to take them down.

"You know sweetheart, there's nothing I can do at this point,” Rose says she told him. "You were doing something wrong and the people in the neighborhood are really upset."

She called Schertz Police. Officers recovered some stolen property and tell us they expect to file charges against both suspects very soon.

Moral of the story: don’t be naughty. It’s a real stinker.

"Get a job. Just get a job,” Hayden says.

"If you come to this neighborhood you might get a package with a surprise in it you don't really want,” Rose says.

And if that’s not enough of a deterrent, the Faubush family and a lot of their neighbors are now planning to install security cameras.


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