Family of dead robbery suspect speaks out

Family of dead robbery suspect speaks out.PNG

SAN ANTONIO- On Friday police arrested 18-year-old Trevon Atkinson in connection to Wednesday night's attempted robbery that left his 19-year-old suspected partner Andres Herrera dead. Police say Herrera was shot and killed by a concealed handgun license holder while attempting to rob a Popeye’s on the city's South East side.

“I know he did some things he shouldn't have done,” said Cynthia Ruiz, Herrera’s mother.

She admits what her son did was wrong and says he was a troubled kid.

“He suffered with mental illness and it was a big battle with him,” Ruiz said.

Ruiz say she wishes it never happened.

“Every day, every hour, every second,” Ruiz said.

An arrest warrant states a hotel keycard found with Herrera’s body was linked to a room rented by Atkinson. In that room, police found several jewelry price tags from an EZ Pawn that was burglarized the night before the Popeye’s incident. The warrant states Atkinson confessed to police he drove Herrera to the Popeye’s. Herrera’s girlfriend says the news is hard to deal with and hopes people start making better decisions.

“I hope that everybody can learn something from this that there's other ways than to rob or to steal,” said Eva Bravo.

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