Famed rhino sculpture to make its home at San Antonio Zoo

    The Last Three sculpture will make its permanent home at the San Antonio Zoo (Photos/video provided by San Antonio Zoo)

    Just as the San Antonio Zoo prepares to open its newest habitat, we've learned a world-famous sculpture will make its permanent home at the facility.

    The Last Three, as it is called, is a tribute to the last three Northern white rhinos to roam the earth. Sudan, the last male Northern white rhino in existence, died just days after the sculpture was unveiled in New York City. Two females currently remain in existence.

    In January, the 17-foot tall sculpture will arrive at the San Antonio Zoo, which expects to celebrate the opening of a new and improved rhino habitat in early Spring 2019.

    In addition, the zoo states it also plans to resume a breeding program for the Southern white rhino with the arrival of three rhinos in early 2019.

    The sculpture, created by celebrated artists Gillie and Marc, say they hope their work of art inspires those who visit the San Antonio Zoo.

    "We want The Last Three to celebrate all of the amazing people and organizations that drive positive change in wildlife conservation," says Gillie, "However, our goal is also to continue the efforts of San Antonio Zoo, and inspire generations to join the battle for rhino conservation."

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