Fake check scheme under investigation

Fake check scheme under investigation.PNG

SAN ANTONIO - Another local business owner came forward Thursday claiming his business may be a victim of check fraud.

The owner of Quality Tires Sales and Services is the latest business owner to voice his concerns over this fake check scheme.

Right now, it’s believed information from checks sent to the tax assessor’s office may have been used to fraudulently create fake checks.

Bexar County Tax Assessor Albert Uresti says most of the checks don't go to his office.

“We don't personally handle the checks, they are sent to the post office and then from there they are sent the bank. So far, none of the checks that we know of have been initially touched by our office,” Uresti said.

Tom Moreno Executive Vice President of Technology and Operations at The Bank of San Antonio says fraudsters typically target businesses because those accounts have more money and more activity, increasing the likelihood for a fake check to slips through the cracks. And even if a fake check is flagged, there's a small window of time to get the money back.

“There's a 24 business hour for one financial institution to return a check to another financial institution. Beyond that 24 business hours (they) cannot return the item even if it's fraud,” Moreno said.

Moreno highly encourages businesses to protect their accounts.

“Banks offer fraud protection tools that help protect business checking accounts from check fraud and electronic fraud,” Moreno said.

Uresti says right now there’s an ongoing investigation with the South Texas Fraud Task Force.

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