EXCLUSIVE: Suspect used the name ‘Kelly Killmore’ to ship package bombs

This is our recreation of the shipping label that sources said Mark Conditt used to ship two package bombs. (SBG San Antonio photo)

Mark Conditt, the Austin bombings suspect, used the alias "Kelly Killmore" to ship package bombs, according to sources familiar with the case.

They confirmed exclusively to us that Conditt was the same person pictured in surveillance photos dropping off two packages at a FedEx drop-off facility in South Austin front last weekend. The man in the photos appeared to be wearing gloves and a wig. Reports said that this, combined with cell phone data gave investigators the information they needed to conclusively identify Conditt as the bombing suspect.

One of the two packages he shipped exploded on a conveyor belt at a FedEx sorting facility outside of San Antonio in Schertz. The second package was intercepted at a facility near the Austin airport. Both packages originated from the same location.

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