Exclusive: Rescued teenager speaks after getting swept away

    Girl rescued from flood water

    SAN ANTONIO - A 13-year-old-girl tells us she’s fortunate to be alive. Tense cellphone video taken by a bystander shows two people using a ladder to rescue a girl from raging flood water.

    "I thought I was just going to be gone,” said Maurisa Miller. “I wasn't going to be here no more."

    Maurisa and her friend Amelia tell us they had been walking to a pool near Glenridge Drive. During their walk, they tried to cross a rising creek.

    "We saw how filled up it was, but I didn't think it was that deep,” said Miller. “There was a lot of mud. It just sunk me in.”

    “She was screaming,” said Amelia. “I went to go get help from Walmart.”

    When Amelia returned, her friend Maurisa was hanging on for her life.

    "I was going to give up, but I didn’t,” said Maurisa.

    Cellphone video shows the moment Maurisa was pulled to safety. She held onto a concrete pillar for almost 30 minutes. The pillar was just feet from a drop-off that travels hundreds of yards underneath a large parking lot.

    "He got the ladder, they lifted me up from there,” said Maurisa. “I started freaking out. I couldn't breathe or anything.”

    A lesson learned for these two teenagers - that they hope can save more lives in the future.

    "It might look like it’s fun, it might look like it's all calm and everything,” said Amelia. “Once you get in there, it might sweep you away.”

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