Employment: Low paying jobs are hard to fill in Boerne

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SAN ANTONIO - Employers in Boerne are having a hard time hiring and retaining workers for low level jobs.

News 4 San Antonio looks into how the city plans to put more people to work.

Located 30 miles from downtown San Antonio, The City of Boerne is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas, and arguably one of the most expensive.

So it's no wonder with all the new resources in the enviable Hill Country town why it's been challeging to find workers to fill positions in the service and hospitality industry.

"It's layered. there are so many complicated items to tackle there," said Boerne Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Joe Granados.

Joe Granados meets regularly with large and small companies struggling to keep staff for low to mid paying jobs.

"What we need to do is do a better job of marketing the opportunities that are in Boerne and Kendall County in the San Antonio workforce pools that are within that 30 to 45 minute driving range," Granados said.

That introduces other challenges.

Service industry jobs don't pay enough for workers to live in Boerne and it may not be enough to lure people from other areas.

"So our biggest issue is transportation," Granados said.

Boerne and Kendall County leaders are currently looking at transportation solutions.

They're working with regional and state leaders to address the challenge that's on the fast track to becoming worse.

"To continue to look at strategies that could enhance transportation solutions for our residents as well as bringing in labor force to our community as well,"said Kendall County Economic Development President Misty Mayo.

"People are still looking to open businesses here, people are still looking to relocate here, people are still looking to raise families here," Granados said.

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