Edinburg man to meet long-lost son for the first time

An Edinburg man has a lot to celebrate Christmas Day.

Jimmy Buentello is a retired truck driver who is rebuilding a 1947 Ford pick-up truck from scratch and has big plans to drive it to California.

But early Friday morning, he's going on another trip – to Boise, ID, to visit his long-lost son.

Last month, Buentello submitted a saliva test to, looking for his grandfather's ancestry.

Instead, Buentello learned he had a son — who has been looking for his biological father since he was 13 years old.

"And we've been talking, three, four times a day," Buentello said.

Buentello knew his son's birth mother when he was 19 in California, but lost contact with her and never knew she was pregnant. Five months after being born, Buentello's son, David Hunden, was adopted.

CBS 4 News' sister station, KBOI, in Boise recently spoke to Hunden, who said he tried to find his biological father through adoption agencies, but would always come to a dead-end.

"I had a family, but I wasn't quite like them in some ways. I didn't look the same as my [adoptive] dad," Hunden told KBOI Sunday.

"When [Hunden’s] adoptive mother passed last year, he felt like he didn't know who he was. Both parents would pass, then he would have a big void in his life," Buentello said.

Buentello and Hunden haven't met in person yet, but they've already discovered they have a lot in common. Not only are they both truck drivers, but they also have a lot to celebrate Christmas Day.

"One thing that we do share is a birthday," Buentello said.

Buentello already has two other children and five grand-kids. With Hunden’s children, there will now be two new grand-kids.

What is the first thing Buentello will do when he finally meets his newly found son?

"Give him a big hug," Buentello said.

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