East Side project gets approval to move forward

Echo East will be located off East Commerce

SAN ANTONIO- The Echo East project is now one step closer to reality. It will be the largest project on the city's East Side, since the AT&T Center.

"This is day that I have been waiting for, for a very long time,” said Barbara Gervin-Hawkins

What is now 10 acres of a grassy field, was officially sold by the city to the George Gervin youth center Thursday. Soon Barbara Gervin-Hawkins and her team say it will look like this.

"We are going to create a market, this is going to be a destination, kind of like the Pearl created a destination and Elon out on 10,” said Gervin-Hawkins.

It will sit off East Commerce Street, adjacent to the AT&T center. There are 20 acres in total set aside and it will be called Echo East. Inside there will be apartments, condominiums, shopping, and restaurants, all in one location.

"This will allow people to come into the community before a game or before an activity and eat a nice meal and or listen to some jazz, some good music and just be in an environment that is nice and clean,” said Gervin-Hawkins.

Gervin-Hawkins says the community has made outcries for economic development and this will be it. The housing will not be necessarily affordable, but bring a mixed income to the area.

"A lot of people don't realize it’s a crime reduction tool too, because you have more activity, the density in itself is going to help that along with the walking traffic,” said Gervin-Hawkins.

It will be done in three phases, with the first costing 25 million dollars

"I will stay on city staff as well as the developer to ensure that timelines are laid out and that they are met, and if they are not being met, how can we help assist those gaps,” said District 2 City Councilman William “Cruz” Shaw.

The city has given the project 18 months to secure that $25million dollars they need for phase one to get started.

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