Dying veteran reunited with beloved horses one last time

    Roberto Gonzalez told his family he wanted to see his horses one last time before he died. Roberto's family then contacted officials at the Spinal Cord Injury Center at the Audie L. Murphy Memorial Veterans Hospital, who agreed to help grant his wish.(Photos courtesy of VA Photographer Lupe Hernandez/Family of Roberto Gonzalez)

    SAN ANTONIO- A special reunion at a local VA hospital for a woman and her seriously ill husband.

    He's a veteran named Roberto.

    He's paralyzed, his organs are failing and one of his final wishes was to be reunited with his horses.

    "He was wounded May 21st 1970. He was in Vietnam for a few months when he was shot an injured," said Rosario Gonzalez.

    A paralyzed Vietnam veteran missing his two closest friends.

    "Horses are his life. We've been training and raising horses for over 30, 40 years," said Gonzalez.

    Rosario Gonzalez says her husband Roberto is special.

    "My husband was one of the only handicapped or paralyzed licensed horse trainers in Texas," said Gonzalez.

    But now he isn't doing well.

    "While he was in the hospital he ended up with a wound in his back and initially that was why we were here to treat his wound but he also had liver problems and then his kidneys started to shut down," said Gonzalez.

    Knowing things may turn for the worst Roberto's dying wish was to see his horses Sugar and Ringo one last time.

    A wish that was granted on the anniversary of his life changing injury.

    "When the horse came up to him he actually opened his eyes. They came up to him and I think they were actually kissing him," said Gonzalez.

    The family is now letting other patients know that their last wishes can come true too

    "Something like this can become a reality for them also," said Gonzalez.

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