Drunk driving victim given gift to help on road to recovery

Drunk driving victim given gift to help on road to recovery

SAN ANTONIO - A single father of three got a special gift Saturday that he says is a big step in regaining his independence.

The moment has been two years in the making.

“It's been a long journey for me," said John Cano.

Cano, a single father to three kids, received the keys to a new car

John’s new wheels are a gift from Cindy Witteman.

“As a single mom I understand how difficult the challenge can be and I really wanted to help him with that," said Witteman, who founded the non-profit organization Driving Single Parents, Inc. for this exact reason.

The challenge for John tragically began on March 14, 2015.

“By the time I knew it I saw the lights coming at me," said Cano back in February of 2016.

John and his wife Liz were headed home after a date night.

They'd just picked up their one-and-a-half-year-old and John was driving, something he never did before he met his wife.

“I had just recently started driving and I didn't feel comfortable on the highway so I knew my backways to go home,” said Cano.

The Cano's car was hit by a truck on South Presa,’ said Cano.

“I swerved to the left he served right back into me,” said Cano. “My wife took it all."

For the past two years, John has fought to get better for his kids.

But after more than a dozen surgeries, complications from the wreck led to his leg being amputated

“To see him just be so positive in a difficult situation really, really melts my heart," said Witteman.

Little by little, John is making peace with that dreadful night

“It's been rough but now with this vehicle I see my future being brighter now,” said Cano.

His brighter future a key to moving forward.

"Nothing is going to hold me back now,” said Cano. “I know my wife is looking down on us giving me the strength also to make this possible for us."

The man responsible for Liz's death, Miguel Cortez, is serving a 15-year sentence.

The gift marked the beginning of a new local nonprofit organization it's called Driving Single Parents, Inc.

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