Dozens of tenants facing eviction after complex can't accept rent payments


Dozens of people are receiving eviction notices because their apartment complex is having trouble accepting their rent payments.

Tenants say some payments are starting to go through, but now they are facing late fees and other penalties.

"It's just like really frustrating,” said Olivia Miles, who has lived at the Skyvue apartment complex for nearly three years.

The new year hasn't gotten off to a smooth start for Miles.

She had her rent ready to go last week but claims she couldn't pay up.

"They've been keeping the doors locked so we can't pay pretty much,” said Miles.

Other tenants like Tyler Maxwell have similar frustrations

“They had the office locked up I had to sit there and bang on the door for 45 minutes," said Maxwell.

"The money is in the account ready to be paid,” said Queenie Bibbs, who has lived at the complex for more than two years. “There's people knocking on their doors saying hey we want to pay our rent and we can't pay it."

The tenants say the complex gave them some other options, but they were met with the same result.

"I’ve gone through every process that they've explained to me and I have not been able to pay,” said Maxwell.

Some tenants received eviction notices and are now receiving other penalties.

The website for the complex says there are 232 units on the property

Tenants say the property had a change in management a couple months ago and now has only one manager on staff

“It's called Catalyst multifamily management," said Miles.

No one answered when we knocked on the office door, so we tried calling the company and also reached out through email

We are still waiting on a response.

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