Downtown restaurant moving soon to San Antonio’s East Side

(SBG San Antonio photo)

A local restaurant is moving from its downtown location to the East Side.

City council granted a zoning request Thursday allowing the sale of alcohol at Tony G’s Soul Food, which is currently under construction. The approval was necessary because of its proximity to Herrf Elementary, located at South Hackberry Street and Cesar Chavez Boulevard.

Tony G’s will be one of the higher-end places in the Denver Heights neighborhood. Across the street are a handful of boarded-up homes.

“The neighborhood is a really dynamic neighborhood,” said Tony Gradney, owner. “It’s a changing neighborhood, so we felt like this would be a great beginning to put an establishment here for a growing community.”

The current downtown location is 119 Heiman Street. Gradney said the move is happening because of more readily available parking at the new location and it allows him to own a building instead of leasing. The new address is 915 South Hackberry Street.

The grand opening is expected Nov. 1.

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