Double amputee bullied on Facebook Live while trying to earn money for family


SAN ANTONIO - A San Antonio man who had to have both his legs amputated has become the subject of hateful cyber-bullying.

In the past year, Rene Longoria, 48, had a double amputation due to diabetes. It put him out of work from a job that he loved. Now wheelchair bound, he sells oyster jewelry to help his wife pay the bills.

"I was a banquet supervisor," Longoria said. "I was making real good money."

It's not his dream job but he's selling the necklaces and bracelets to help support the family.

He interacts with potential customers on Facebook Live but recently social media bullies discouraged him.

The double-amputee was harassed by cyberbullies. He was verbally attacked for his appearance through live comments. During the video, Longoria had to stop his sales to address the internet trolls.

"Yeah, I have a missing tooth and I also, I have two missing legs but that's not stopping me," Longoria said responding to inappropriate comments.

The hateful comments kept coming in. He broke down.

"I can't believe this," Longoria told his viewers, fighting back tears. "There's too many hateful people out there."

"Sorry guys, I'm going to get off," Longoria said. "I'm getting too emotional."

He's sharing his painful story to help others be strong.

"This bullying on Facebook or social media needs to stop because someone that is in the same situation as me but they're probably already depressed and they might just take the next step by hurting themselves," Longoria said.

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