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Don's Extra Point: Dak Prescott wins, Cowboys fans lose

SBG San Antonio
SBG San Antonio
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Now that we know the contract extension is coming, I guess the cowboys have made their bed.

Get used to it Cowboy fans, it looks like Dak will be your starting quarterback for the next six years instead of just the next two. In other words, your Superbowl hopes are not happening.

Jerry Jones took too long to run off Jason Garrett. He drank the Tony Romo cool-aid for way to long and now this.

I've said it before and I’ll say it again, Dak's good enough to win you a division, but he's not going to win a Superbowl. Am I being too hard on the guy? Probably, but this is Dallas, all quarterbacks are measured against Staubach and Aikman, and Dak's in good company. It was tough for Romo too.

Look, I’m not mad at Romo or Dak, it's Jerry that's to blame here. He used to go for it, he'd make a spash, sign a Deion Sanders or a Charles Haley.

Shake things up, do something big. This year he could trade up and draft a CJ Stroud or Bryce Young. Be bold, instead he's been hoodwinked.

Dak's a good guy, a great leader, they respect him, his character is top notch, in fact, he's everything you want in an NFL quarterback, except a winner.

When it counts, most fans know it, his record shows it, but Jerry is about to give him another 200 million. So, Dak gets rich and Cowboy fans get left holding the bag.

Oh well, what's another six years when it's been 30. That's my point.

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