Domestic violence abusers using smartphone apps to GPS track victims

Domestic violence abusers using smartphone apps to GPS track victims

SAN ANTONIO, TX - According to the Bexar County Family Justice Center, abusers are using GPS apps that meant to be helpful for parents to stalk their victims.

They're able to hide them on their victim's smartphones to keep track of their conversations and every move.

"It's definitely new territory," Bexar County Family Justice Center Executive Director Lisa Cunningham said.

New territory for the Family Justice Center in Bexar County.

Who helps thousands of domestic violence victims.

"We'll have victims come in and say 'I only have 15 minutes before he notices my phone is off,'" Cunningham said.

Cunningham said abusers are taking advantage of apps like this one.

Typically, used for parents to keep an eye out on their child's messages and location.

"People with bad intentions are using these apps to monitor or watch their victims are doing online," Cunningham said.

Now, she is urging victims to use apps that can counter the GPS ones.

"There are tools out there that we can assist them with," Cunningham said.

Tolls like the app Safenight, which will find victims shelter if they have no where else to go.

or 'Tape-A-Call' if your abuser is making threats over the phone.

"You got to focus on having a safety plan that includes your cell phone," Cunningham said.

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