Dog left to die on dead-end county road

Alfie (Photo courtesy Atascosa County Sheriff’sDepartment/Facebook)

HINDES, Texas – The Atascosa County Sheriff’s Department was able to reunited a stolen dog with his owner. Here’s the story from their Facebook page

Atascosa County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Joe Saucedo was dispatched to a trash dumped call early yesterday morning in the most southern end of our county. The county road was a dead-end road and was one of our last county roads before entering McMullen county. The only people driving this road were hunters with deer leases or 100 acre cattle ranchers. There was only one house between Texas Highway 97 and the end of the road.
Sgt. Saucedo arrived and was immediately concerned when he saw what appeared to be a deceased dog within the discarded material. As he approached, he noticed that the dog was not deceased, but just lying there. He carefully assessed the dog and determined that he was okay. The dog just sat there and watched Sgt. Saucedo as he went about investigating where the trash came from.
Sgt. Saucedo quickly determined that the material was from a stolen truck which had its rear seat removed and all the personal items inside dumped out. This is a common practice for human smuggling.
Lt. Dominguez was dispatched to assist Sgt Saucedo in retrieving the dog and attempting to find the person who abandoned him. Lt. Dominguez will be the animal control criminal investigator for any animal cruelty cases involving dogs, cats and horses. Lt. Dominguez arrived along with Atascosa County Chief Deputy Cregg Thompson (who is also a dog lover) and quickly determined that this dog had not been abandoned by its owner. He appeared very healthy and had been neutered.
We considered that this poor dog had been inside of the stolen truck when someone took it. We began the investigative process of finding this poor dog’s family. We contacted the owner of the stolen truck who confirmed that the truck seats were his, but sadly that this was not his dog. The owner of the stolen truck did offer to take the dog if no owner could be found. His offer was considered, but we first had to do our due diligence in finding his owner.
We then considered that the dog belonged to someone else and had also been stolen or that he belonged to the car thief. Our first course of action was to take the dog to the vet’s office for a microchip scan and pray that he had one.
Lt. Dominguez and Chief Thompson transported him to Dr. Mendes office where the staff was very accommodating in scanning him (thank you Craig). We were all, including Alfie, ecstatic when a hit came back. He was identified as Alfie and had been microchipped at the San Antonio Animal care services.
A quick call to them gave us the owners name and address of Alfie. We contacted the family and were informed that they were on Christmas vacation, but their dog was being cared for by a family friend. They were horrified that Alfie had been stolen and dumped on the side of a dead-end county road.
They requested that we please take him to a family’s member house so that they could get Alfie back. He was very loved by the family and especially the children. Lt. Dominguez granted the request and upon arriving it was obvious that Alfie was home. He was so happy that he almost knocked over his caretaker. You can see him hugging her with his paws in the pic.
We determined that some lowlife, scum of the earth stole a hard-working man’s truck and, for no other reason but evil, stole Alfie. This person must be so heartless that he dumped Alfie on the side of an old, rarely traveled road only to have him suffer and die. If this person is ever caught I’m confident that our Judge and Jury will repay him accordingly. In the end, he will eventually be judged.
This happy ending is only possible because somebody took the time, effort and money to microchip Alfie. His journey began in San Antonio as an abandoned dog, but was saved by a loving family from San Antonio. He found a loving home filled with children only to be stolen and again abandoned. He must have already given up hope when Sgt. Saucedo found him because he just laid down to accept his fate. Thank god for what we can only assume is divine intervention and microchipping that Alfie is back home. He will continue living a happy, healthy life surrounded by a loving family.
Please consider microchipping your pets so that if any Grinch ever steals your pet we can bring it home safely. Thanks for reading and God Bless.
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